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2 08, 2016

a storehouse full of athletes

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Collaborative game with Stephen Kirin, Karl Howeth, Jason Abdelhadi, Casi Cline, Maurizio Brancaleoni, Maria Brothers, Dale Houstman, and Craig S Wilson. The circus folk were lonely between the trees, and they leaned against the wall they had built from sloughed off skin, and argued about whether or not leaves were edible, and should they test [...]

11 07, 2016

Poems by TD Typaldos

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PENITENTIARY'S GATE As a wolf I'm coming near to you to devour your heart Lie down at your ankles as a dead dove Camel rider to Sivas oasis I‘m folding my turban - a wish into     the cosmic excommunication's sandstorm As you are running you can learn how useful walking is From A Galaxy of [...]

17 06, 2016

BULB – Word Association Game

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Maurizio Brancaleoni BULB(E)'S GIRLFRIEND. Unfinished opening-ending one-chapter post-story (A could-have-been-a-novellette prose minipoemette ). These light bulbs had been prying into my viscera for an indefinite amount of time, heirs to a condition of slavery. He is intralatched onto mental representations of potential fiancées. This guy, Bulbe, a multi-talented lover's spat colourist and indoor farmer, a [...]

13 06, 2016

The Surrealist Group in Paris

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Les Fondements de la Mécanique Céleste The Surrealist Group in Paris has just published the results of a stunning theatrical game played in 2014. Combining characters from their collective mythology with the aleatory and blindfolded methodology of an exquisite corpse, they have collectively composed a piece for the theatre that antagonizes everything we hate about [...]

2 06, 2016

In Defense of the Night

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For months now the ever expanding and record-breakingly hot Working Day has been trying to apply its pernicious, diurnal HR policies to the darkness. Night's creatures are having none of it. The acute point is to be found, surprisingly, in moribund France and the streets of Paris. It's as if we were 200 years in [...]