Andrew Mendez

Meditations #92


She would run out into the fields when she heard thunder rolling through the valley. Her boney fingers would fold around, grabbing hold onto the lightning rod—hoping today would be the day she became enlightened.

“Udyamao Bhairavah” —the sudden awakening or flashing of Universal Consciousness is Bhairava.
Siva Sutra ch. 1 ver. 5

1. There is always death in the atmosphere, no matter if the sun is out and the children are left inside a boiling car. Or old folks who couldn’t pay their heating bills, can’t hear the neighborhood kids playing with the snow outside their windows. Hurricanes push through cities like dominoes along the Tropic of Cancer, sending what was once land bound sailing through the air at subsonic speeds. As I write Florida is being reduced to a pile of rubble, the roof of people’s homes now islands on far away horizons.

2. Before the Western Europeans came to the New World, the Taino people of Cuba would perform a ritual in which one of their own young males would be chosen and taken to a calculated spot of the island where the hurricane would hit. There, they would tie the young man to a tree and feed him a powder made from plants and roots (Maybe Yaga). This would produce hallucinogenic mind expansion for well over 36 hours. He would be left there alone to face the storm head on and complete his initiation, only then could he return back as a man or a corpse. And all of this done in the name of Juracan—goddess of chaos and disorder.

On a normal day about 100 lighting bolts strike the earth every second, making that about 8 million times per day.

Somewhere in the streets of Catatumbo, Venezuela there is a house whose owners are asleep. Their daughter tosses and turns in her bed from the dreams she is living through. In one of these she is placing her finger into the electrical outlet as she hears someone call her. Suddenly she sees a pencil being inserted into a pencil sharpener and then a finger inside the hairy part of her body. Just then thunder is heard.

She runs out into the fields…

“Laughter is a burst of Lighting” – Bataille