Andrew Mendez

Dream #236


I found myself adrift in the ocean with my hand-powered water glider miles from anything I knew. After a few years of this I was less close to my goal than when I started, but this was no time to give up; somewhere was that “other” I was searching for, and now that the world was covered with water, everyone’s lives had grown moist and soggy around the edges.


Half way to the unknown there emerged from out of the waves the three wise sages of Hohokus. The first tossed her top to entice fate to a game of Russian roulette. The second one mixed chemicals and potions together trying to find a mixture for SOMA in order to induce the gods to churn the ocean of suffering and arise the new Avatar to save humanity from this dead end. The last sage was a child doll which could walk on water automated by self-will. He understood the least due to the fact that he only spoke Aramaic, and my best Latin was too weak to spark a connection.


Finally, after lifetimes had past, I found the courage to let go of my raft. My fingers began to lose their grip on reality, and darkness replaced this ocean front view. I realized that letting water into my lungs was not such a bad thing and a soft sleep enveloped me like a warm sigh from the lips of the one I love.

I started to go down.

When I awoke I was surrounded by millions of squid and other cephalopods praising me like a messiah’s long awaited return. From out of the center appeared this figure of beauty and horror, robed in the skin of the last monarch of the sea.

She welcomed me to my final stop of this lifetime with the words that brought joy and peace to my ears: “We’ve been waiting for you…”