Allan Vilu

(From the Coral Bleachers)

After graduation, I am going to set up a giant leaking
snowglobe at the bottom of the pacific ocean
where I’ll use pneumatological-industrial machinery
to resurrect Nikola Tesla,
and I’ll make him fight Elon Musk in a gladiator death-match.

You’ll be able to find me immediately thereafter
in the megaladrome stands sucking the juice out of
an underwater watermelon, ruminating on the upcoming
seashell-and-gear-throwing fight to the death between
Henri De Lubac and Robert Ingersoll
which I’ve enabled with my mechanical wonders.

So, as you can see I’ll be burning
my B.A. Hon. in a piping hot
bottom-of-the-ocean fire and having
the submersive-spectatorial time of my life
while you decorated losers fight for the scraps
of New York as it sinks into the depths.