Historical Extracts

Achille Brachet, Microphiliac

“Nevertheless, continues Monsieur Achille Brachet, as an admirer of the immortal, ineffable works of one of the greatest scientific celebrities that we can pay homage to in the world, I have sacrificed everything to acquire all the incomparable diotropic composed achromatic Microscopes from the most renowned craftsmen, Micrscopes that have been rigorously indispensable for me, with a view to completing my great work, entitled Historical and Critical Examination of Microscopes in General; and with a view towards the convocation of a great microscopic congress which I propose to assemble, as an aficionado of optics, at the opportune moment, and without which all of my publications will become completely pointless. We greatly fear that this microscopic congress will only be assembled definitively on the route to Charenton.*”
-Revue anecdotique des excentricités contemporaines. The anecdotal review of contemporary eccentricities v.3 1856 pt.2

“The solution of the problem in diminishing enormously the number of numerical digits While augmenting the penetrating power of the series, And conserving thereby SURACHROMATISM”
-Achille Brachet, Simple préliminaires sur le commentaire de la notice du meilleur microscope dioptrique composé achromatique du professeur Amici, 1856.

*A famous insane asylum in France.