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 L’Homme sans horizon

At the beginning of the millennium, after the collapse of the Eastern bloc, the horizon of humanity has been abruptly shuttered. On an overexploited and mutilated planet, where no one believes in progress, capitalism appears as an unsurpassable frontier. Dangled as a lure, democracy has been ruined by its very promoters. The story seems closed and yet the contradictions of the system have never been more obvious. Given these conditions, what to expect from the future if any revolt seems condemned in advance to the failure or the renewal of tyranny? The lack of a new horizon of hope is becoming more and more obvious.

Questioning the great critical theories (Marx, Ernst Bloch, Guy Debord), relying on anthropology, and with incursions on the side into philosophy (Aristotle, Agamben, Simondon), and also invoking the romantics and the surrealists with regards to the vital function of the creative imagination, L’homme sans horizon  draws lines of flight that allow us to reopen a utopian horizon. Beyond the now-exhausted liberal utopia of the social utopia that has been disfigured by totalitarian regimes, the only possible solution is to take back and make triumph the ancestral dream of a society without class or state, consisting of equal individuals, freely associated, finally playing in their own story. Today, where the survival of the species is at stake, it is this hope that is to be realized under pain of seeing humanity collapse in barbarism. L’homme sans horizon proposes to show the urgency of what is now the only human utopia, and to provide him with the foundations of his historical legitimacy.