“Penelope Rosemont once said, “in a sense, all outsider art is surrealist art…” And this was the singular inspiration for this collection. Here, Surrealists are teamed with stalwarts of Fluxus, renegades that have no compass, as well as Outsiders who have rejected the false map of convention. “Be capable of the marvelous” was our call. “Write what you know is there, not merely what is obvious.” We wanted a return to those roots of Surrealism that were in the written word, its first manifestation. The page inhabited. There was no theme. There was only proof that, in spite of what some academics have said, Surrealism is not dead. Nor does a person have to be physically dead to be an “Outsider.”

It is our hope that we may produce a collection like this every year for as many years as we can. Not to rehash older, foundational works of Surrealism but to continue to provide a platform for the new material. Material that has never stopped being created even after the learned obituaries were falsely finalized. The latest manifestos as well as the continuing parade.”

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