Les Fondements de la Mécanique Céleste

The Surrealist Group in Paris has just published the results of a stunning theatrical game played in 2014. Combining characters from their collective mythology with the aleatory and blindfolded methodology of an exquisite corpse, they have collectively composed a piece for the theatre that antagonizes everything we hate about the pretentions of the modern stage:

Think about it: for an admirer of Paracelsus and Tex Avery, what could generally be shittier than spending an evening at the theatre in Paris? … During several weeks in the year 2014, at their weekly meetings, the Surrealists of the Paris Group played at writing a piece of theatre without worrying for a single moment about its general intrigue, nor the psychology of its characters, nor the depths of the prompt box.
-Guy Girard

Billy the Kidd shares the stage with Rrose Sélavy, Juliette, Nicholas Flamel and other beloved superheroes from the surrealist mythos. And the strange title? The name of a popular science book found by chance on the street.

Image by Virginia Tentindo

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