Weekly Question

1) What does surrealism taste like?
2) What is its texture?

David Nadeau –

1) Surrealism tastes like aromatical herbs unknown to mankind since the Paleolithic.
2) Its texture is made of furs and claws.

Steven Cline –

1) Strawberries covered in melted white cheese.

2) A sharp metal mesh

Casi Cline –

1) Surrealism tastes like strawberries dipped in brine.

2) Its texture is that of blood two hours absent from the vein.

Barney Schauer –

1) Surrealism has no taste, it is void of all flavor, spice, and has zero trans fat and preservatives. Also it tastes like watermelon.

2) Its texture is placebo.

Ashley DeFlaminis –

1) Surrealism tastes like the juicy crust of the earth.

2) The texture of surrealism has the same feel in your mouth as when a jellyfish scratches the side of your foot.

Angel Dionne –

1) Surrealism tastes of stone peacocks.

2) Its texture is that of thick rice pudding.

Ian Pyper –

1) It tastes like the tongues of dead black swans

2) It has the texture of astral dust that has melted too close to the sun.