Casi Cline
I was walking through an empty airport, and I had the feeling that the world had been ending for a thousand years. My flesh was dripping and I needed a place for repairs. I came upon a conveniently located airport funeral home, but I soon discovered it only served people made of fruit.

Steven Cline
I am a branch on a giant bamboo tree. I slowly realize that all the other branches of the tree have a consciousness too, and we are connected as a hive mind. It is raining, and we are all consumed by the single minded idea to guide the water to the roots of the tree. As we do this, a dark haired nude women appears floating at the top of the tree. She is only a torso, arms, and a head. We are filled with awe think she is some sort of goddess. We begin to worship her. Suddenly, the scene changes and I am no longer a branch, just a disembodied mind. The women is stuck in a dark air duct, crying and smearing shit on the walls. At this moment I wake up, fearing scorpions in the bed.