Ottawa Surrealist Group
September 19 2017

The night is for us all about association, in the absence of clarity. We start with a field of knowledge or a theme, in this bapitsmal round, the NIGHT. Elements are agreed upon and assigned to the players. These can be thematic elements that are commonly associated to the theme, aspects, personal associations, frequently encountered items, etc. Each player then associates their subtheme analogically with an object. The players then freely draw or depict their object in some way, perhaps not directly but automatically etc. Once all images are finished they are compared for repeating elements. Finally, the images are then layered on top of each other and a new nocturnal universe is opened up for exploration. Oddly, at least one image in our rounds took upon itself without any direct instruction the role of background or wallpaper image. Finally, a name is derived from the final layering.

The Night – Round I
Earth: associated with Trees
Moon: associated with Celtic Knotwork Bracelet
Sky: associated with Brass Instruments

After-Observations: Bracelet seems insomniac

Image Name: Treetrumpetring

The Night – Round II
Toothbrush: associated with Boarhide.
Bed: associated with Bread.
Crickets: associated with bats eating crickets (actually drawn without removing the pen for each bat, also contingent rule to keep drawing them until each of the others were done drawing)

After Observations: Repeating appliances, appearance of a cave, next, repetition of wallpaper motif over two rounds (bats, trumpets)

Name: Nesting Instinct

A Post-Script Discussion on Eyes
Eyes – Why they are obsessive?
Playing poker with a bunch of eyeballs on each card?
Ha! Eye-poker!

Variations of Eyes:
Cat Lantern
Psychedelic Hallucinations
Marbles (cat’s eyes!)